5 Things You'll Absolutely Love About These Towels

Choosing a quality towel is not as simple as you think - there are key points to consider like quality, material and weight.

As you age, there are just some things in life that are considered your “non-negotiables” or things that you simply can’t or don’t want to live without. These are the simple joys that we often take for granted but bring us so much comfort, convenience and happiness.

Like a soft and high-quality bath towel to dry you up after a nice, warm shower or bath. 

You’d be surprised at how many people are actually obsessed with luxuriously lush or ultra-soft bath towels - both qualities you’ll definitely find in towels made from 100% bamboo. 

Premium bamboo towels are your best bet. They are worth every penny you pay as they are super comfortable to use and durable even after several years and hundreds of washes.

What To Look For in Your Bamboo Bath Towels

When scouring the internet to shop for bath towels online, make sure you check these five things: 

Out-Of-This-World Soft

Imagine wiping yourself in a blanket of clouds or layers upon layers of feathered softness. Wouldn’t that be a dream?

Unfortunately, no towel is this soft, but bamboo towels sure do come close. And who doesn’t want a gorgeously soft bath towel?

Most people who shop for towels check for softness first. And with the right reasons. Our skin is incredibly sensitive and can react poorly against course materials or hard surfaces. Not that cotton towels are hard, but bamboo towels have an extra soft quality that’s just right for most skin types.

Absorbs and Dries You Fast

I mean, why would you even go for towels that won’t dry you up? It’s like buying a car that doesn’t run fast, or a stove that can’t help you cook. A towel that doesn’t absorb water, sweat or any liquid isn’t doing its job now, is it?

Bamboo fiber is four times more absorbent than cotton, which makes bamboo towels super absorbent. Pat it on your skin and see how quickly it dries up a wet area or body part. This is great especially if you’ve just worked out and took a quick shower in the gym, and you’re on a hurry to go to where you’re headed next. Or even at home - a bamboo towel definitely comes in handy to make sure you can dry up and get dressed in no time. People that work from home and take showers in between lunch breaks know that this is a godsend!

Friendly to Sensitive Skins and Allergies

Clothing and linens tend to cause allergies and skin irritation when rubbed excessively or come in contact harshly against our skin. Bath towels in particular cause allergies because we need to rub them repeatedly in our skin to dry our bodies. The constant rubbing causes irritation because most bath towels, especially when they’re old and worn out, don’t dry our skin as much or as easily.

Bamboo towels are super soft and highly absorbent. You don’t need to rub your skin profusely after a bath or shower. This saves your precious skin from being irritated. And because bamboo towels are organic, you won’t suffer from allergic reactions as you do with towels made from synthetic fabric.

Away With Those Dreaded Bacteria!

To truly enjoy your toweling experience, you need a towel that’s not just soft and pretty to look at - it should also be able to ward off bacteria from accumulating on its surface. Bamboo towels are anti-bacterial. It prevents moisture from growing, which is usually the cause of most bacteria growth.

People who suffer from body odor or sweaty glands will definitely love drying up using bamboo towels because of its anti-bacterial properties.

Natural, Biodegradable and All-Around Eco-Friendly

Mother Nature is smiling widely with bamboo towels gaining popularity all across the globe. Towels made from bamboo are 100% eco-friendly because they are all-natural. And after you’ve worn them out and need to replace them, fret not and be free of that eco-guilt. Bamboo towels are biodegradable and come back to the earth harm-free after being disposed of properly.

Most consumers are millennials and Gen Zs who are highly conscientious and would enjoy bamboo towels not just for its quality but eco-friendliness too.

Bamboo vs. Cotton Towels

Cotton towels have been the go-to bath linen essential for years. But now, bamboo towels are all the rage. What makes bamboo towels different from its cotton counterpart?

Since bath towels are used for all intents and purposes, it’s time to weigh in between these two materials.

Bamboo towels have been known to provide more comfort and quality since they are made from all-natural bamboo materials. Cotton, on the other hand, are more reasonably priced, albeit it is sometimes combined with synthetic material. 

Both have absorbent qualities, but bamboo towels are proven to be more anti-microbial and anti-bacterial. Cotton towels are harmed easily when washed and its dye can ruin other garments you wash it with.

Kinza Towels: Everything You’re Looking for in a Bamboo Towel

Want to switch to bamboo towels? Now’s the best time to do so. Kinza Towels are made from 100% bamboo which is completely natural. It’s also responsibly made and biodegradable. 

Kinza Towels come in two variants: black and white, both with gold trimmings. You’ll also enjoy the sleek minimalist design not just of the towels but the gift sets that come with bath and face towels, great for all your bath and home needs.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to enjoy a relaxing bath experience after a long day of work, Kinza towels will let you indulge yourself with the softest, coziest experience.

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