Are White Towels Superior Over Others? Let's Weigh In...

Are White Towels Superior Over Others? Let's Weigh In...

Since we use them to quickly dry our bodies, hands, and things, towels are known for being home to different kinds of bacteria. This is tricky because it affects both hygiene and health. Yes, subtly decorating your bathroom by stocking toiletries of different colors can be fun, but it still should not compromise your comfort and health. Who says unhygienic is trendy?       

Now is the time to admit that we’ll always choose white towels over other shades because it’s classic, goes-with-everything, and comfy-looking feels! Choosing the right color for your towels may seem like a minor decision to make, but we’re here to tell you why it matters.

Busting the Myth: Are White Towels Harder to Clean?

We have been used to thinking that colored towels are because stains are unnoticeable. However, with white towels, it’s easier to spot the dirt and stains which is a great reminder that it needs an immediate wash. This way, we are assured that they get regularly cleaned.

White towels are definitely NOT harder to keep clean since they are not sensitive to liquid substances such as hot water and bleach. Using hot water is one way to effectively kill microbes that white towels eventually acquire without worrying too much about the color fading.   

Why You Should Opt for White Towels

You’ll never go wrong with white towels as it truly elevates your bathing experience by giving you that stylish, soft, high-quality, and luxurious feel without having to give up cleanness. 

Stylish Minimalist is so In!

White has always been considered the go-to color when we want that minimalist yet stylish look. Having a towel in this color allows us to feel the magic of its soft, high-quality touch. It’s also easier to add colored pieces to our bathroom if we have whites and neutral linens.

It doesn’t matter what aesthetic your bathroom has, for a white towel can blend with literally anything; try to set one in, then VOILA! Luxury in subtility and on a budget achieved. You can now go ahead and think that you’re in a spa session or even in a five-star hotel bathroom *wink-wink*. 

Super Durable and Lasts Longer!

Setting colored towels in your bathroom can be an option for décor purposes. But to use them for your regular baths may not be a practical choice.

Colored towels, after several washes, are meant to bleed the color dye and fade, which gives it an aged, worn-out look. With white towels, you don’t need to worry because its color won’t ever change or diminish, letting us keep them for a much longer time and not buy new ones.

We can say that getting colored towels just leads to more money spending because you don’t need to replace them as frequently. It’s all the more reason to invest in quality ones - even if they might seem more costly at first. Indeed, white towels don't just give you a polished and stylish look, but they can also be one of your investments because of its durability. 

Easy to Clean and Maintain

White towels are actually pretty easier to clean and maintain than the high-maintenance colored ones.

We all know that during a wash, we need to separate the white and light-colored fabrics from the dark ones for them not to pick up the excess dyes that come from the bleeding—this explains the complications of colored towels. One benefit of the visible dirt that white towels get is that we’re bothered to get it cleaned right away, making sure they go through regular wash (silly are those who can sleep at night knowing that their towels already have stains that just go unnoticeable).

Other than the use of hot water, it’s always a safe option to bleach the stain away from your white towels since they aren’t meant to fade, something that isn’t possible to do on the colored ones. Just sprinkle a little amount of bleach, and you’re good to go—always smelling good and looking fresh!

Also, if a certain towel doesn’t recommend you to add bleach in your wash because of the manufacturer’s guidelines, you can use baking soda or white vinegar as an alternative.

Tips for Washing White Towels

Washing white towels should not be as hard as we may think since they can tolerate almost all liquid cleaners. We shouldn’t wait too long for them to get cleaned. Here are some tips to keep your whites neat and *sparkling* clean.

Tip #1 - Wash Them Weekly 

Just like you, bath towels also need pampering for them to feel renewed. They deal with you every day, trying to dampen your body and wipe off germs (poor towel, what a tough life they need to go through). 

With this, to keep towels from being mildewed, it’s ideal to throw them in your laundry after every third use. But since eco-friendliness is the main consideration for most households, you can wash them after seven days. A weekly wash can then prevent your towels from getting certain dirt that can cause bacterial infections.   

Tip #2 - Don’t Drown it in Detergent

Just like moms do it, washing white towels with hot water and gentle soap is usually the effortless way to go. However, if you’d like to make sure that the stains and dirt that build up are dissolved, you can always toss some detergent. 

Amp up the amount of detergent you use - but no more than two tablespoons in your laundry or washing routing. Using an excessive amount may lead to your towels developing limited absorbency which may lead to a shorter lifespan. 

Tip #3 - Take It Easy with the Fabric Softener

While hot water helps make your white towels appear brighter, using fabric softener can add to improving their fluffiness. It’s suggested to include them in your laundry routine only for every fourth wash. Tossing fabric softeners every wash critically reduces towels’ absorbency that affects the comfort and softness they make our skin feel.

Remember to take it easy with the use of fabric softeners in spite of its benefit to fluff towels because they can ruin their make and quality. 

Tip #4 - Be Conscientious With Your Use

Ideally, be careful in using and storing your white towels to preserve their life, usage, and quality. Whenever possible, avoid storing them on surfaces or spaces that collect so much dirt or dust.

Also, try to avoid using white towels to remove your makeup or to damp your newly dyed hair as these instantly leave visible and horrible-looking stains. But if ever the damage has been done, focus on treating the stain right away so that it doesn’t set. Leaving it stained for a few hours makes it harder to get rid of the dirt or color.

White Towels with Gold Trim from Kinza Towels

If you still aren’t convinced after we’ve outlined the reasons why you should opt for white towels, we bet you will be once you check out Kinza Towels! A new bathing experience will come your way with these innovative and improved towels from Kinza Towels that are made from pure bamboo: all-natural and harm-free. 

These towels are designed with gold trims, a perfect option if you like to maintain that stylish yet minimalistic look in your bathroom. Kinza towels are available in two colors: white and black, both with gold trimmings. 

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to enjoy a relaxing bath experience after a long day of work, Kinza towels will let you indulge yourself with the softest, coziest experience.

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