Beginner’s Guide To Buying Your First Bath Towel (Welcome to Adulthood!)

Towels are a staple household product and choosing the best one that suits you and your expectations can be overwhelming and time-consuming. We’ve prepared a quick list for you to find the bath towel of your dreams!

There are no clear-cut criteria for when a person becomes an adult, but one thing is for sure - you must be mature enough and ready to face the challenges of life. (This includes investing in high-quality essentials, supplies, and appliances!)

You are entitled to the highest quality items for your home. May it be your sofa, bed, kitchenware, linens, or even in towels! But this doesn’t mean you must always purchase the most expensive ones. There are other brands that are affordable yet offer the same top-notch quality as the branded ones. There's no doubt that you'll reap the benefits of investing in a quality product.

Bath Towels as an Everyday Essential

Bath towels may appear to be a mundane item on your bathroom wish list, but there is an art to selecting the perfect ones. Yes, you can find some inexpensive options online or at your local home goods store, but why settle for less? You can always look for the best bath towels for ultimate durability, fluffiness, and drying ability that’ll make your bathing experience amazing every day.

A fantastic bath towel can be assessed by a range of indicators. You'll be able to find a high-quality bath towel that matches your expectations while remaining within your budget - and once you're wrapped up in that fluffy, high-quality, absorbent towel after a shower, the time and effort to find the greatest bath towel will truly be worth it.

Four Elements to Look for When Shopping for Bath Towels


This is an important factor in choosing what kind of bath towel suits you best. The density of a bath towel is measured in GSM or grams per square meter which ranges from 300 to 900. The purpose of a bath towel relies on its weight and GSM.

A 300-400 gram towel is great to use in the gym or the kitchen since they are light and thin. While a medium-weight towel with a GSM of 400-600 is ideal for everyday use. Bath towels with a GSM of 600-900 are dense and absorbent, making them feel particularly luxurious while also necessitating a longer drying time.


There are so many options available in the market when you look for your preferred bath towels. Each of them differs in brands, colors, textures, styles, and even the way they are woven. They can be embellished with machine embroidery, woven in elaborate jacquard patterns, or even printed with stripes.

Just choose the best one that’ll complement your style or maybe your bathroom aesthetic!


We all want a towel that serves its purpose - which is to dry us up quickly but still provide us the comfort we need after every bath. We need a towel that feels luxurious and plush but is still affordable, right?

You need to be on the lookout for towels with dense, velvety loops of fabric on the surface if you want a soft, ultra-absorbent towel. You can also look at the fabric weight, by looking at their GSM.


When it comes to towels, the most important thing to consider is their durability. The durability makes things more economical and one of the reasons why you need to invest in high-quality material bath towels is because they will last you a lifetime! The fact that you use it daily is more than enough reason to go for quality in make and strength in the material.

Try Organic Bamboo Towels!

Want to be environmentally friendly while also having a nice bath towel? 

Bamboo is an excellent choice. From straws, bags, furniture, and even in towels, bamboos have been an innovative option for everyone. Bamboo grows faster than cotton and requires fewer pesticides and fertilizers to thrive. Bamboo fabric is both absorbent and quick-drying, making it the best of both worlds!

Eco-friendly and Sustainable

Unlike other materials, bamboos offer us sustainability as it does not require dangerous pesticides or chemicals during their growth process. It also absorbs greenhouse gases, keeping the ozone layer safe, and is a self-contained plant that doesn't need much water to thrive. 

Thus making it an excellent choice for us who both want an eco-friendly bath towel and a high-quality one!

Allergy-Friendly and Gentle on the Skin

Bamboo towels are extremely allergy-friendly. This means they're not only fantastic for adults, but they're also safe for our babies’ sensitive skin! Bamboo towels are a great alternative if you suffer from allergies or are sensitive to synthetic fabrics.

Unlike cotton, they are made from an antibacterial fiber that protects your skin from sweat and odor-causing microorganisms. So, if you’re a parent who’s looking for a towel that’ll be safe for the whole family, then this is the perfect one for you. 

Soft, Warm, and Snug!

Bamboo towels have several unique qualities that make them extremely soft and cuddly. Bamboo fiber is four times more absorbent than cotton which makes it very gentle on the skin and fast-absorbing. 

What more can we ask for? These towels can become a treasured item in your house, a kind gift for friends and family, or just the best investment in your personal hygiene.

Highly Absorbent and Dries You Up Quicker

If you thought a pure cotton towel was absorbent, you'll be surprised by an organic bamboo towel! Bamboo towels not only absorb more water than cotton, but they also dry quickly, allowing you to get dry and comfy in no time! They are a practical and excellent choice for your home. 

Enjoy Your Shower and Bath Time

If you haven't tried bamboo towels yet, then you're in for a treat. This is the perfect opportunity to purchase and try it yourself. Just make sure that you buy high-quality, well-crafted towels, regardless of which style you prefer and they should push the limits of what your towel can accomplish for you.

You can check our Kinza Towels for bamboo towels that are hypoallergenic, biodegradable, durable eco-friendly, and high-quality. And surely it'll last you a long time without the need for fabric softeners or regular washing. The fibers do not deteriorate with time, resulting in garments with an unpleasant texture and feel. So, if you're searching for towels that will last, Kinza bamboo towels are your best bet!

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Final Thoughts

If you are looking to enjoy a relaxing bath experience after a long day of work, Kinza towels will let you indulge yourself with the softest, coziest experience.

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