Want the Best Bath Towels? Here' Are Three Things You Need to Know

Shopping for bath towels can be both enjoyable and also stressful with so many options to choose from, so make sure you know the factors to consider to know which one is best for you.

Bath towels are an important part of our daily routine and everyone has different preferences when buying bath towels. Sure, buying bath towels isn’t difficult at all; some people simply look for the lowest-priced option on the market, while others simply look for soft and fluffy towels. There are many bath towels to choose from, and each one has its own set of product claims and benefits, but how can you really figure out which bath towels will live up to what you’re looking for?

It’s important to figure out whether a towel is the best choice for us or not - after all, we use it every day, sometimes even more than once. And anyone looking for the best bath towels will take some time and effort to scour the Internet, and you don’t need to be an expert to shop for the best ones - just check out our list here.

Whether it's your first time switching to a new bath towel or you're having trouble finding one, here are some things to keep in mind.

Why Should You Invest in Quality Bath Towels

It may seem weird to consider a quality bath towel as an investment, but have you noticed that some bath towels don’t really live up to their claims over time, such as softness and absorbency? Then you have to go back to the store and buy the same bath towel. When we don't consider investing in quality bath towels, the cycle goes on and on, and we’re left spending more than what we really want on bath towels in the long run.

You Use It Every Day! 

We can easily tell the difference between whether or not a bath towel is of high quality when we wipe it on the skin. And of course, everyone loves a clean, durable, and absorbent towel, after all! 

It's worth investing in the things we use on a daily basis. One of the essential items we use every day is a bath towel, so investing in a quality one will do you wonders. Its quality will not deteriorate over time and will save you money because a quality one can last for around two years. 

As part of proper care and if you want to keep your bath towel in good condition, wash it after three uses.

It Impacts Your Hygiene

We're all looking forward to taking a relaxing bath after a long and exhausting day. But keep in mind that the towel you use does not stay clean all the time, especially if it’s old or not of good quality.

When your bath towel does not absorb water quickly and you do not change it after a few uses, harmful bacteria and microorganisms might build up. We don't want germs in our daily hygiene routine, so we should consider bath towels that can absorb water rapidly and dry quickly.

It Just Makes You Feel Good

One of the best feelings in the world is wrapping yourself up in a cozy bath towel after a refreshing shower. Feeling clean and nice is an important element of self-care, especially when you've been stressed all day. However, if your towel is rough and does not dry you off quickly, use it as a sign that you should upgrade to a new, higher-quality bath towel. 

Making a good investment in your self-care is a good idea and buying the best bath towel is one of the steps to take. But how do you know whether a bath towel is of good quality?

Make sure you follow these important tips when shopping for bath towels!

Three Important Tips When Shopping for Bath Towels

Weight and Volume

If you're looking for the best bath towel on the market, there are a few factors you should keep in mind. One to consider is the towel's weight and volume. When a towel is packed with extra volume for absorbency, it’s an indication that it’s high quality. Rather than looking heavy, a high-quality towel feels weighty. 

Look for a towel that has a heavy fabric weight. The weight of a towel determines how ultra-absorbent it is; the heavier the towel, the denser and more absorbent it is. 

A towel's weight is measured in grams per square meter (GSM): 

  • 300-400 GSM for lightweight towels 
  • 400-600 GSM are medium weight
  • 600-900 GSM are the heaviest weight. 

Always choose 600-700 GSM towels as they are the heaviest and recommended towel weight by experts (and towel aficionados alike). If you’re planning on buying lightweight towels, keep in mind that they're not meant to be used for bathing.

Stitching and Durability 

The coating on the towel is applied by a lot of towel manufacturers so that it feels softer when you touch it. That softness doesn’t feel the same after washing it off. 

A better way to check the towel's quality is to look for stitching. If the edges are neatly folded and fixed with close, tight stitching, it indicates high-quality craftsmanship. 

Also, double-check the stitching for loops, making sure they’re thick and tight. Keep in mind that the towel is more absorbent the denser the loops are. A well-stitched towel is essential for long-term durability. Short loops make a fabric more durable and can dry quickly. 

Quality bath towels have double-turned edges and double, secured stitching to avoid fraying -  this allows towels to last up to two years. Loose loops on the fabric of the towel may feel soft and absorb water but they take a longer time to dry and show greater wear after being washed.

Quick-Dry and High-Absorbent

Quick-dry towels are made of luxurious, soft and lightweight materials that can dry up just a few minutes after use. They also don’t stink or smell and don’t require a lot of maintenance like a regular and traditional bath towel on the market. 

Consider shopping for a bath towel that feels luxurious and plush, so when you wipe it on your skin, you’ll really feel wet surfaces dry up quickly. This is also great for gym rats and fitness junkies that sweat profusely and need constant drying up.

Material Used

Buying the best bath towel can take up a lot of time when you don’t know what specific material you’re looking for. Absorbency is the most important thing to consider. Cotton is most commonly used because it’s soft, durable, and can absorb large amounts of water in a matter of a few minutes.

Cotton bath towels may be one of the most popular on the market, but have you tried a bamboo bath towel? Bath towels made of bamboo are the best alternative to cotton bath towels. It’s eco-friendly and biodegradable, which sets it apart from other bath towels on the market. It also contains antimicrobial properties that we all want in our daily hygiene routine.

Why Organic Bamboo Towels are the Way to Go (200 words)

Wrapping yourself in a warm, cozy towel can be relaxing, but an extra-soft towel can be great. The feeling of a plush bath towel around you is the best feeling ever. Bamboo towels give extra softness and a luxurious feel to your self-care routine. Bamboo towels have a lot of advantages that set them apart from their counterparts. 

Bamboo towels are eco-friendly and sustainable. Its fiber comes from bamboo grass. Bamboo grass does not need to be replanted because it grows up to 1 meter each day. It grows more rapidly than cotton and is a better source than any other. 

Bamboo towels are hypoallergenic and gentle on the skin, so it means that babies are safe to use them too. Bamboo plants have antimicrobial properties because they don't need pesticides or insecticides to grow. 

Because bamboo is organic, it has unique qualities that make it extremely soft and keep it that way even after a few uses. It can absorb more water than cotton towels, making it a wonderful towel to use throughout your workout. Bamboo towels are a wonderful investment because they’re highly durable. Normally, a cotton towel can only last two years, but this one can last up to 3-7 years while maintaining its shape and make.

A great bath towel is a worthy investment. It’s now the best time to switch to organic bamboo towels! Try Kinza Towels, made from 100% bamboo which is purely natural. It’s also responsibly made and biodegradable. 

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to enjoy a relaxing bath experience after a long day of work, Kinza towels will let you indulge yourself with the softest, coziest experience.

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