Want to Detox? These Five Tips Can Help

 Both our work and personal struggles cause us stress. So, what do we do when it becomes “too much” that it’s already draining us? We restore our energy through detoxifying.

Work is productive, creative and dynamic. However, it can also be the primal source of toxic stress. Sometimes we can’t stop panicking thinking about the nearing deadlines and the tasks piling up that are left undone.

These days, it’s even harder to deal with work because of the pandemic that has transitioned employees to work-from-home setup, and often causes miscommunication between us and our clients or even within our teams. Remotely working also means having to deal with unforeseen internet connection problems and limited resources. Likewise, the life we have outside our jobs has issues of its own that we simply can’t afford to carry into our work.

As a result, stress hormones such as cortisol rush into our bodies and manifest themselves through constant headaches, fatigue, digestive issues, and if prolonged, could lead to depression. While we may feel paralyzed from feeling too much because of stress, it’s best to give our mind and body a break once in a while. Now, how?   

Do These Five Things for an Instant Detox


We can compare our bodily fluids to a river that’s flowing non-stop. Its constant flow should wipe out the waste and toxins inside that may have been causing our stress to take on a physical form such as lumps and nodes. This is why we need to make sure we drink enough water every day, and we think you already know what we’re about to say next: drink at least eight glasses of water a daily. 

Drinking a lot of water definitely helps with detoxifying, digestion and nutrient distribution, regular bowel movements, and even weight loss.

Moreover, if you like to be more creative, you can also mix things from your fruit basket and make some juice and shakes out of it. You can try the most common mixes: lemon & ginger, cinnamon & honey, green tea, and cucumber drink. This way, we make detoxification taste good and fun to do.   

Watch Your Diet and Eat Nutritiously

While McDonald’s is a convenient and appetizing option to satisfy our hunger and give us fuller tummies, part of detoxification is opting for healthy foods. We can start by eating organic plant food and taking it easy on sugar consumption.

No one restricts us from eating meat, but if we really want improved wellness and feeling, we might want to consider incorporating a plant-based diet in our lifestyle. People who go for this choice of food tend to have the ability to manage and minimize the tensions that they experience and they often get full without their stomachs feeling a little too heavy.  

Another thing that needs to be talked about is our sugar consumption. Sugar is addictive, that’s why we can’t get enough chocolates and frappes from Starbucks despite the long queues. However, it’s also the reason why we easily get hungry and it’s what causes most of our cravings which then leads to overeating. Try a sugar detox yourself to find out if you can actually manage your intense cravings (not here to limit your food options though, just suggesting a balanced and healthy diet!).  

Get Enough Sleep

Getting a good eight hours of sleep is as important as getting things done on time. We must know the things that need to be prioritized so that we avoid procrastinating which takes away hours from our rest. 

Learning to balance things is always the key to avoiding feeling overwhelmed. Don’t always say yes to projects that you think “you can find a way to handle” and just complete one task at a time. Also, our habit of immediately scrolling through our news feeds or starting down the screens of our phones after work needs to stop. This just adds more to our screen time (Sleep? Who is she?).

All throughout the day after your work, your body and mind deserve some refreshment. This is an opportunity for you to take a nice perfect shower that you’ve been missing (LOL. Kidding!) And a nice shower wouldn’t be complete without a towel that’s cloud-like soft and quick in drying you up. “Say no more,” says Kinza Towels as these towels have these exact qualities that you need to complete your relaxing bathing experience. You get all these while still looking so stylishly minimalist - almost feeling like showering in a hotel room. Definitely, an instant 5/5-star feels after a long day!  

Get Going and Move! 

Chloe Ting, MadFit, Pamela Reif—can you recall all these fitness YouTubers who peaked during the lockdowns? Quarantining because of COVID has made a lot of people suddenly get into fitness. And now that our situation has (slightly) improved, we should finish what we started and continue exercising, not just for muscle toning and fat loss, but also for healthy weight loss and maintaining overall health.

You can try doing aerobics and strength training; even learning a TikTok dance is now considered a full-body workout. It doesn’t really matter how much time you spend on your workouts or which type of exercises you choose to do. All these can help in improving our sleep and mood. Get grooving and moving, people!  

Meditate and Reflect

The reality is that stress can kill. It creates clashing thoughts in our minds that may be too much to handle if we don’t learn how to manage. To compose ourselves during those overwhelming moments, it helps to meditate at a gradual phase and to reflect on our thoughts one by one. 

Take one deep breath so you can set your momentum. And if you need another option, try reflecting through writing down your thoughts. It doesn’t matter how it’s written, just let them out and express yourself. A 12-minute regular meditation and reflection is a reliable way to relieve our stress and flush out the negative energies. This way, our mental health can be improved and be filled with positive energy to take on another day. Detoxification, completed. 

Final Thoughts

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