Working From Home? Here are 9 Bathroom Needs for a Daily Zen Experience...

Working From Home? Here are 9 Bathroom Needs for a Daily Zen Experience...

With the recent pandemic, we’ve made a lot of adjustments to our lifestyle and setup. One is making the switch to a work-from-home or remote work setup. Because of the possible dangers we face outside our homes, we try to stay indoors as much as we can. 

This is the reason why more people are investing in having and maintaining a cozy and relaxing home. When we finally set up a comfortable space, it positively impacts us not only physically, but also mentally. Not only our workspace but also our dining areas, bedrooms, and yes, even our bathrooms! 

Our bathrooms can be our haven - a place where YOU can unwind. If you're looking for ways to transform your bathroom into a relaxing retreat, here are a few ideas to get you started.

What Does Your Bathroom Typically Need?

Clean Mirror

Finding a perfect mirror that you like can truly enhance your bathroom design. Mirrors can also serve as a hiding spot for your cabinets to keep your bathroom essentials. 

In fact, having a mirror is the secret to making a bathroom appear larger. With its optical illusion and light refraction, it serves as a space creator in a small bathroom. Just make sure that you keep it squeaky clean before you go! *wink*

Storage for Supplies and Cleaning Tools

Aside from the list of items you need in your vanity area, you must also consider your storage space in the bathroom. Bathrooms usually need additional storage, and shelving systems to serve as both storage and decoration. You can choose a cabinet with a minimal design or plain pop of color to keep your toiletries, towels, and other cleaning items that you might need.

Bath Towels and Linens

What is a bathroom without soft and premium quality towels right?

Bathroom towels help absorb a lot of water after each bath we take. They also remain damp for hours that causing bacteria to build up which is why when choosing bath towels, you must consider not only the price but also their material, benefits, and quality.  

When finding the perfect towel, premium bamboo towels can be your best bet. From the several advantages they give to the quality it provides, having bamboo towels on your checklist is something you won’t regret.

Bamboo towels are very soft, durable, highly absorbent, allergy-friendly, and most importantly - sustainable! 

So if you’re planning to switch to bamboo towels, this is your chance! Kinza Towels are made from 100% bamboo, biodegradable, come in two variants, and have the benefits mentioned above that is perfect for all your bathroom needs.

Toothbrush Holder 

Did you know that flushing the toilet can produce an aerosol that sprays germs into the air? 

Yes! That is a fact. So keeping your toothbrush as far away from the toilet can help, but your best possible solution are toothbrush holders! By keeping your toothbrush inside those holders, you can help decrease the number of bacteria that may land on them and make sure that there is enough airflow to dry your toothbrush.


To keep that daily zen experience, maintaining a clean and organized bathroom is our daily goal. 

Keeping a wastebasket inside your bathroom should also be on top of your list. It is important to segregate our bathroom waste like tissues, empty bottles, makeup wipes, etc. You can use a cute can with a lid to serve two purposes: a mini decor, and a waste bin! 

Non-Slip Bath Mat

It's wonderful to have a soft, comfortable, and warm place for our feet to land when we get out of the tub or shower. Especially when your bathroom floors are made up of tiles, they can become very slippery, which can result in injury. 

Using non-slip bath mats can come very handy in this situation to offer a non-slip surface for stepping on after a bath or shower. It can also help absorb excess water or splashes, keeping our floors dry and clean.

Toilet Paper!

All kinds of toiletries like toilet paper, paper towels, and bathroom tissue is something we need in our bathroom stash. They help us keep clean hygiene by preventing the spread of dirt, bacteria, and other viruses. 

There are also other alternatives like bidets but it's best to keep some toilet papers around too! 

Soap Dispenser

We see it in our workplaces, malls, or restaurants. So why can’t we have it in our bathrooms too?

Soap dispensers are becoming increasingly common and important in practically all restrooms. It is very convenient to use, cost-effective and helps to prevent contamination from soap bars. There are dozens of options online or even in your local home goods store. Just choose which one suits your bathroom best that’s also affordable and minimal looking!

Shower Caddy

It can be quite frustrating to arrange the bottles and products inside our showers over and over again. So how can we organize the bathroom without cramping the space? It’s time to organize your bathrooms without the stress with shower caddies! 

It may seem inconvenient to walk from the tub to the closet to get your hair-care or skincare product, but with shower caddies, you can create easy access storage around, above, or to the side of the tub!

This is Your Sign to Alter Your Bathroom!

After a long day of work, nothing beats unwinding in your own home with a refreshing ultimate relaxation inside your bath to end the day. Transform your bathrooms into Zen restrooms for a more luxurious and tranquil experience now!

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to enjoy a relaxing bath experience after a long day of work, Kinza towels will let you indulge yourself with the softest, coziest experience.

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