We believe a nice cozy shower after a long day is the superpower that charges our big dreams, health and beautiful moments with our loved ones. Kinza Towel has won the hearts of many customers with our award-winning 100% Mōsō Bamboo material that gave everyone the ultimate relaxing spa experience from the comfort of their bathroom every single day.

The World's 1st Spa Luxury Towel

Before starting the company, I was a working professional that enjoy pampering me and my loved one to luxurious comfort everyday at home after long hours of work outside. As a perfectionist who takes a nice cozy bath seriously and spent thousands of dollars trying out all kinds of luxury towels - Egyptian cotton, Turkish cotton, microfiber... I become obsessed with wanting the benefits of all these materials combined into a perfect set of sheets.

After 87 days of intensive crafting and experimenting, we launched Kinza as an online-only, direct-to-consumer brand focused on creating incredibly comfortable towels. Since then, we have became Singapore's fastest growing luxury towel brand that is loved by many families and couples.

Feel the 100% Mōsō Bamboo difference

Kinza Towel that feels softer than Egyptian Cotton.

It has become our mission ever since to not only offer the most comfortable towels in the world, but to also inspire a community around relaxing bath experiences and empower people to pursue their dreams.

Cheers to the best bath ever!

The Kinza Family